BIG BREAKING NEWS: LAND STOLEN: Christian’s agricultural land stolen by Muslim tenant [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/26

BIG BREAKING NEWS: LAND STOLEN: Christian’s agricultural land stolen by Muslim tenant [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/26

Last month, a Christian in Pakistan had agricultural lands, inherited from his father, stolen from him by a Muslim tenant.

Due to widespread discrimination, the Christian fears he will never regain possession of his land.

Victor Masih’s father, Boota Masih, leased 6 acres of agricultural land, located in Village 133/16 L near Mian Chunu, to a Muslim man named Arshad Mughal in 2012.

The lease agreement was set to expire on April 30, 2021.

Victor Masih’s father died in 2016 and the ownership of the leased land passed to Victor Masih.

However, when Victor Masih attempted to retake possession of the land on May 3, 2021, Arshad Mughal falsely claimed that Victor Masih’s father had sold him the land.

Victor Masih:

“It was a surprising development for me. My father never sold this land.”

When Victor Masih disagreed with Arshad Mughal, Arshad Mughal and several other Muslims beat Victor Masih and told him to leave the land.

Arshad Mughal threated Victor Masih with dire consequences if he attempted to take legal action against him to retake possession of the land.

Victor Masih:

“Mughal grabbed my property and threatened me from going into legal action against him. This was the only savings and support for my family to fulfill our day to day needs. This is an injustice against Christians. I have no trust in the judicial system and am therefore hesitant to lead a case against Mughal.”

Pakistani Christian’s Agricultural Lands Stolen by Muslim Tenant:
International Christian Concern

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