BIG BREAKING NEWS – CHRISTIAN FAMILIES FORCED OUT: Christian families forced out of their village [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/10

BIG BREAKING NEWS – CHRISTIAN FAMILIES FORCED OUT: Christian families forced out of their village [#IndiaPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 06/10

May 25, 2021
10 Christian families, including young children, were forcibly displaced from their village in India’s Odisha state on account of their faith.

Odisha state is currently reeling under the effect of devastating floods, and the families have been forced find shelter in a nearby forest.

Tensions arose on May 15, 2021 when 2 women went to a nearby tube well to fetch water to prepare food for guests expected by a young family in Sikapai village’s Kalyansingpur block.

A few villagers, who were Hindus, approached the women, tore their clothes, touched them inappropriately and told them that Christians were not allowed to use that well.

They then proceeded to break the tube at the well so that the women were unable to access the water.

When the incident was reported, the police registered an FIR (First Information Report), which is required to open up an investigation.

However, there has been no investigation since then.

The Christians reported the incident to the district and block administration as well, but they were told to go back to being Hindus and asked by the officials what use Christianity was to them anyway.

When the attackers heard that the Christians had filed complaints, they were angered, and on May 25, 2021 destroyed the roofs of 6 houses belonging to Christians and beat some of them up.

Because of the floods, the houses were completely destroyed and the families were forced to find shelter using polythene sheets and wood in the forest outside the village.

2 weeks after the incident, they continue to live in fear, without light, water or a change of clothes.

Ten Christian families in Odisha state forced out of their village:
Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA

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