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BIG BREAKING NEWS: CHRISTIAN CHILDREN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED: 2 Christian Children Recently Sexually Assaulted [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 05/13

BIG BREAKING NEWS: CHRISTIAN CHILDREN SEXUALLY ASSAULTED: 2 Christian Children Recently Sexually Assaulted [#PakistanPersecution #ChristianPersecution] 05/13

2 Christian children were recently sexually assaulted by men.

The assaults are only the most recent examples of the vulnerability of Christian women and girls who are targeted by sexual predators in Pakistan because of their religious and gender identifies.

On May 2, 2021, 8-year-old Anum Bibi was beaten, raped, and left for dead in an agricultural field located in Sheikhupura, a district near Lahore, Pakistan.

According to Kathrine Sapana, the Executive Director at Christian True Spirit, Anum Bibi was attacked by 22-year-old Muhammad Awais while retrieving water with her nine-year-old brother.

Anum Bibi was later found lying in a field unconscious and immediately brought to the nearest hospital.

Police located Muhammad Awais and arrested him.

2 days later, on May 4, 2021, violence erupted in the streets of Essa Nagari, a Christian-majority neighborhood in Karachi, after an 8-year-old Christian girl was sexually harassed by her teacher’s brother.

According to Razia Bibi, the mother of the victim, her daughter’s assault occurred when she was left alone in class:

Razia Bibi:
“Muhammad Amir, the Muslim culprit, attempted several rounds of wrestling with my daughter to fulfill his sexual desire; however, he did not succeed. Jemima started shouting and crying very loudly. Finally, she managed to escape from Amir’s arms and ran into the street.”

When police failed to arrest the perpetrator, relatives and other members of the Christian community took to the streets in protest.

The peaceful demonstration turned violent, however, when police officers reportedly beat and arrested those involved.

Eventually, police filed a report against Muhammad Amir and he was arrested.

Two Christian Children Sexually Assaulted by Muslim Men in Pakistan:
International Christian Concern

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