Anthony Idris Jata’u, a priest in the Diocese of Sokoto abducted and murdered by kidnappers, family – his wife, three children and two sisters-in-law still held

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed his sadness over the fate of a Nigerian priest abducted and murdered by kidnappers who continue to hold his family.

Anthony Idris Jata’u, a priest in the Diocese of Sokoto, was kidnapped last Thursday with his wife, three children and two sisters-in-law. His body was found on Saturday.

According to an anonymous source from the diocese, the kidnappers have demanded a ransom of 10 million Nigerian Naira or £21,500 for the family’s release.

‘Everybody is sad at the moment and afraid for the lives of his family members still in the custody of the bandits. The church doesn’t have such money but it’s hoping to raise a substantial sum to secure the release of the victims.’

Nigerian priest kidnapped and murdered, family still held:
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