“And we thank God for bringing them through. ” – Caleb R. Shelby Sr. [#AndWeThankGod #WeThankGod #ThankGod #BringingThemThrough]

“And we thank God for bringing them through. ” – Caleb R. Shelby Sr. [#AndWeThankGod #WeThankGod #ThankGod #BringingThemThrough]

Nov 16, 2019

The bats are gone and the celebration is on.

According to Rev. Dr. Richard Young and his wife Linda Young, it is time to praise God and thank those who have helped them through the long ordeal.

“We’ve still got some things to do, but we’re in the house. And I want to thank everybody – because I have no way of knowing who put in – I want to thank everybody for what they have done, from the smallest donation to the large donations.”
– Rev. Dr. Richard Young

The couple was devastated December 2018 when hundreds of bats swarmed almost every corner of their house and created extensive damage.

“We lost everything we had. I had one suit and one pair of shoes is all I could save. Linda had two suits and a pair of shoes is all she had. But we never missed church – not one Sunday.”
– Rev. Dr. Richard Young

It was not until April 2019 when the bats were eradicated and renovations began. All the while, the couple stayed with family members. Help came in from all along the Coast with food and money to repair the entire house.

“I don’t think any of us could have went through what they went through. And we thank God for bringing them through. And they are an example to us what we can do with God on our side. And, in helping each other, we can overcome anything.”
– Caleb R. Shelby Sr., Monitor with Shiloh Missionary Baptist District Association

Moss Point couple back in house nearly a year after bat invasion:

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