American missionary Wayne Goddard killed by several gunshots in indigenous colony Mboijagua, 20 KM from Paraguayan Villa Ygatimi district in Paraguay

American missionary Wayne Goddard has been killed by several gunshots Tuesday, April 9, 2019 night in his residence, in the indigenous colony Mboijagua, 20 KM from the Paraguayan Villa Ygatimi district in Paraguay.

Goddard had been working with natives for more than 25 years for the mission organization Ethnos360, formerly known as New Tribes Mission (NTM).

The Villa Ygatimí Police Station had not received allegations of threats against him in the past.

The director of Ethnos360, Steve Gutzmer, confirmed that until now they had not suffered threats from residents of the area, and that he has no further information about the murder.

Christian missionary killed in Paraguay:
Evangelical Focus

American Christian missionary gunned down in Paraguay:
Fox News

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