A Fourth Circuit court in Richmond, Virginia upholds World Religion Curriculum of Charles County Public School, Maryland

A Fourth Circuit panel sided Monday, February 11, 2019 with a Maryland school district after a Christian student and her family opposed a lesson plan that taught about the Islamic faith.

Caleigh Wood was an Grade 8 student in Charles County Public School (CCPS) system when her world history teacher began a unit that involved lessons on Islam.

When her father John Wood found out, he instructed his daughter to not complete the assignments because doing so would violate her “Christian beliefs.”

The complaint by Wood pointed to specific lines in the lesson plan such as a projected slide that contained the statement “Most Muslim’s [sic] faith is stronger than the average Christian,” and other related worksheets which they said they found offensive.

The family filed suit saying such activities violated their daughter’s constitutional rights but failed to sway a lower court judge.

And the Fourth Circuit court in Richmond, Virginia was similarly unimpressed with their claim.

“School authorities, not the courts, are charged with the responsibility of deciding what speech is appropriate in the classroom. Academic freedom would not long survive in an environment in which courts micromanage school curricula and parse singular statements made by teachers.”
– Judge Barbara Milano Keenan, who was joined by Judges Pamela Harris and James A. Wynn Jr.

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